Disable some feature from the main menu

hello team,

I just notice that some collaborators are pausing the app while the keep building assemblies, is it possible to disable some feature from the menu button ?

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Hi @ChirristopherOficial, thanks for sharing this. And great question!

Right now, the only way to prevent an operator from pausing the app would be to remove the menu button, but this would remove all of the functionality only accessible via the menu button. I’ve shared this internally and I’ll let you know if I hear about any workarounds.

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yes please, let me know if you guys come up with a solution.
thanks a lot !

Another option the Tulip Team discussed is that you could get cycle time by calculating difference between timestamps (process end - process start) instead of the step timer- then regardless if someone pauses the app, you will get an accurate assessment of the time taken to complete assembly!

You could also remove menu button and create a custom menu button that does not allow pausing the app.

Does this help?