Option to disable all fancy UI animations

Would be nice if there is an option for power users to disable all fancy UI animation (of the platform UI that is) like in the table editor, the query editor, or the app editor when editing queries…

Looks nice in principle but just takes additional time even if it is just a few sec. When you have to do a lot of edits after some time you just start to hate them big time - at least me.

This is feasible and will be prioritized based on community feedback here and likely bundled with general UI updates.

Vote and comment! The product roadmap team is watching

I like speed over fancy :slight_smile:

@mellerbeck unclear if the use of an emoji here is peak efficiency or peak :thinking:

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This was not a joke request… It really gets on my nerves to have all these flying windows going on… :persevere:

Hey @sebme -

There is a lot of work going on to change some of the patterns throughout the product to remove the need for a fancy animation (and more importantly a dedicated modal) to do the core actions needed while app building (think editing triggers, creating queries, working with tables). The constant tab-wrangling needed to build out a single app with a few tables, and a few analytics is something we are working to resolve piece-by-piece.


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