Add the ability to add triggers to menu button selection and deselection

I have run into the issue that I found that an operator was pausing the app when a torque tool was unlocked so that they would be able to use the torque tool outside the system. They were able to do this by clicking on the menu button and pushing the pause button. The operator is still not able to change the program on the tool but they are able to use the tool without indexing the program forward since the app is paused. This is a true operator negligence issue but it would be nice to be able to lockout the tool when the menu button is pressed (currently able to do). Once the operator exits the menu then be able to add a trigger to unlock the tool again (currently unable to do).

@vespinoza thanks for the feedback - people do interesting things :slight_smile: . We will consider this in the future. Another option may be to prevent the operator from accessing the menu button or to make a custom menu button. I’m not sure if that would solve this case but it’s something you could experiment with.