Display an interval with rounded value

We mesure lead time as an interval value (difference between start and stop time).
We would like to display the average value of the lead time.
I use query + aggregation (avg function) on the table.
The value is displayed as DD:HH:MM:SS, witch is heavy for an opertor.
We would like to change the format, or display a value in days only.
i’ve tried to divide the interval by 86,400, but the result can only be store as an interval data type.
Any suggestion for this ?

Hey @christophe.pinard, thanks for the question and welcome to the community!

Try the interval_to_seconds() function in the expression editor to get your interval into a more workable datatype. Here’s the documentation on that expression (control+F for “interval”).

Additionally, there’s a rounddatetime() expression that will give you the result you’re looking for if you can get your initial value into datetime format.

Let me know if this works!