Do we have function to add attachment in the Tulip APP?

Hello Team,
May i know do we have function to add attachment in the Tulip APP? Thanks.

Hey @Ruijia,

Can you give a little more context around what your usecase is? You can do stuff like embedding documents directly within your application, or linking to external documents. What type of files are you looking to associate with your app?


Hello Pete,

My team is trying to setup one application use for the Gemba work, so we want to upload pictures into the application as evidence.

Hi Ruijia,

You can use Form step and select Photo widget. This will allow you to upload image.

@aquadirk totally beat me to this one! Here is a little more detail on how to do that:

  1. From the input dropdown, select image:
  2. Tie that input to an app variable.
  3. Either store its value through an app completion, or by writing it to a table

Does this all make sense?’

what if i need to upload a doc file

Hey @lusonghua -

Right now, .doc isn’t a natively supported document type in Apps or in Tables. There is work scheduled to add native file support (outside of images and video) throughout the product, but I can’t yet commit to a release date for that work. Are there other file types you would use if they were supported?


Files are now supported in tables! Check out the release notes here: