Attach supporting documentation when publishing an App


Would like to include an ‘attach’ button to the app publishing screen, my company works under a regulated industry, therefore, would be helpful to include supporting documentation and not limited to a description as it is right now.
In regards of formats, can be PDF, .doc, images formats


Hey @Jian,

This is a fantastic idea, and one I haven’t seen before. I got a feature request created for this. I will keep this thread updated as it is scoped and worked on. There isn’t a ton of work around app versioning planned for the immediate future, but it is documented and will get looped in.

As a stopgap, I know of a few customers who have solved this problem by creating a step group in their app, and they add a step with their release documentation for each new version. Users never actually transition to this step, it just allows them to include more advanced release notes.

Keep the great ideas coming,

Hi @Pete_Hartnett ,

Thanks for the prompt response, sounds like a good work around, and please correct me if I’m not updated but the currently tulip only support images as attachment, and we would like to expand that capability as well.


Hey @Jian

You can also insert scrollable PDF documents with the documents widget.

There is working ongoing to expand the supported file types across the platform. I don’t have too many details to share, but this is definitely something that will be addressed.