Do you know if i can bypass the message to confirm the download file?

Do you know if i can bypass the message to confirm the download file ?

Hi @pmalochet -

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Could you provide a little more details and context around your question? Is this message popping up in an app? Are you using a widget? Screenshots and some information about your use case are helpful to allow folks to understand and answer your question :slight_smile:

Hello Beth
The context is very simple. I ve used a trigger on buton to download a local file and each time there is this screen to confirm this action.
Is there a bypass for this ?
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Hi @pmalochet - thanks for the info. I will check with the team to see if there is a way to bypass that pop up message, but my instinct is that it cannot be modified.

To provide some alternate solutions, why do you want to get rid of the pop up? Is it to maintain a “hands-free” application for the operator? or some other reason?

Hi @Beth
yes, that’s exactly the reason: to save operators one more click.

Hi @pmalochet - I wanted to follow up that I checked with the team about this and it doesn’t look like there is a way to disable this message pop-up currently.

However, I will move this to product suggestions, that way other Tulip users can vote on this and we can work on getting this into the product roadmap!

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