Dynamic Pick Lists Using Single Select

Does anyone know an easy way to create “dynamic” pick lists using single select?

In the example below I want the available “Analytical Method” options be dependent of the previous selections. For example, if there are 100 “Analytic Methods” available, but only 3 can be used for the “KF-Oven” activity, Product = “Other” and Material Lot = “Lot2” I only want the 3 to show, not all 100.

I know this is possible to some extent using tables, but have not found a way to achieve this using single select.

Any feedback on this topic will be greatly appreciated!

hello @petrus_geldenhuis, thanks for your question!!

is it possible to store the options for the selections in a Table?? if so, you can add a column for the element to filter by and use Table API with a filter. as a note, you will need Update buttons to run the Connector Function as users select the various options to get the filtered options.

here’s a relevant conversation that may be of interest: Table records in a select option.

alternatively, you could use Arrays in a Single Select and dynamically load the options that way.

let me know if we correctly understood your question!!