Exporting Table Data to CSV

a question was just received that I thought would be interesting to share here with others on Community.

exporting data from Tables to a CSV can be useful to have the data locally so it can be used with MS Excel or other spreadsheet tools. here’s a quick guide on how to use this feature:

  1. open the Table and click the Download button:
  2. click Export:
  3. the CSV will be downloaded and available for you to use:

let us know if you have any questions!!

Hey Gio,

Does Tulip have a method or function to read csv file and store some contents of csv file into variable in trigger? just like pandas provide to_csv funciton.

hello @mcc6025,

just to confirm, would you like to upload the CSV file from a Player??

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sometimes, operator may have one csv file need to be loaded into tulip table. and I plan to write statement in trigger to read the content in CSV file and save them into tulip table.

hello @mcc6025, it is not currently possible to upload CSV files from the Player - it must be done from the Table interface.

this seems like a useful feature however, do you think you could submit a Product Suggestion??


I will submit the export to CSV feature as a product suggestion. Thank you for your help.

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thanks @Neo!!

for others searching this topic, here is the link to the Product Suggestion: Trigger supported export to CSV.