Feed an Analysis/Chart with Data from a Connector

Is it possible to display data returned from a connector (SQL, HTTP, OPC, etc) in an Analysis or some form of chart without having to resort to custom widgets? I’d like to display time series data in a line chart.


Hi @RickBullotta, not at the moment - but it will be possible very soon to feed OPC UA and all other machine data directly to analytics. SQL and HTTP will be coming after that. What in particular are you trying to visualize?

Data from SQL, industrial historians, and HTTP sources. Both “current value” data (e.g. gauges, meters, etc) and historical data (a variety of chart types).

@RickBullotta Great, thanks for the info. Do you intend to show this data as a dashboard (more passive/informative) or incorporated into an App (more hands on / interactive)? Or both?

Definitely both. Data from external systems can be critical to process execution “in real time” as part of an app. Ideally context can be passed between widgets/UX components independent of where the data was sourced from (Tulip tables or external sources).

OK, thanks again. We have a lot of work in progress that will enable what you are describing, so stay tuned!