Folders for Connector Functions

It would be useful for organizational purposes to have a folder/hierarchy system in connector functions. We have currently created >30 connectors and would like to organize them.

Hi @iamwout -

Thanks for this suggestion! Would something similar to how folders are used to group apps be helpful for you here?

Yes that would work great!

Understood! Our design team is working on a couple different concepts for how to best organize apps, tables, connectors, etc and I will pass along your feedback. Thanks for letting us know.

Also, a fun fact, you can vote for your own product suggestion, so I encourage you to do that :slight_smile:

Great to read this. Do they also consider Tags, to put things into several groups/topics?
E.g. stations can be tagged with the department, location, head process, typical user group…
Tables could be tagged to show what tables depend to each other (and one can be put in several groups, as you can use it across the board)…

@thorsten.langner How about this, I’m going to connect you with the product designer who is working on this so you can provide your feedback directly and see the design he is mocking up :slight_smile: