Folders for Tables

It would be very helpful to have folders to group tables in.


I would also love this feature!

I have been using special characters infant of the name of tables I want to group and it is starting to get a bit messy.


hello @hwagner, apologies that we never followed up here. the team is aware of this request and the work that includes structuring Tables into folders is being prioritized. we’ll keep you posted with updates!!

thanks for bringing this back up @eddie.carrillo, and welcome to the Tulip Community!!

Hello @gio,

do you already know when the problem is solved?
We’re only working with tables. We need a long time to search our tables.
Can you add the copy and paste function for tables too?

hello @H.Ng, and welcome to the Tulip Community!!

Table Folders has not been implemented just yet, and will be something that will be worked on next year. keep an eye out in the Announcements Category for updates.

in the meantime, have you attempted pre-pending your Table names with something to help with the organization of Tables?? for example something like this:


and just to confirm, do you mean Copying & Pasting whole Tables or Records within Tables??

again, welcome to the Community!!

hello @gio,
I already did it with like that, but im working with numbers like 55007…, 55013…,55019…it’s really hard to see the right numbers.

Still got no updates?

No updates, unfortunately.

Hi, @gio and @kevin.kononenko,

do you have any news? I would also love to have this feature.