Get list of ID's from table - push into array

Hi all,

Is there a simple way to cleanly extract ID’s from a table into an array?

I was looking into this post from a few years back (Table records in a select option - #4 by gio) which would allow this via connector, but it feels like there should be an easier/cleaner way to do this, preferably avoiding connectors, and was hoping some things had moved on since then…

Essentially I just want a list of all my ID’s from a master table… has anyone done this?


Hey Mark,

Tulip Queries and Aggregations will unlock this for you.

You can add a query to a table named “All” which has no filters or anything on it. Then you can utilize a Unique Values aggregation on this query to get all the unique values in the ID column. Tulip apps will be able to utilize this aggregation just like an array variable. @John also put together a tutorial here where you can see a more complex version of this.

The only limitation worth noting is that the query and aggregation are limited to 1000 records. So there are situations where you will need to work around this. I do not imagine this is an immediate concern of yours.



Hi @danielpomeranz - perfect! I think I started looking at this but then got distracted by trying to do with expressions or array management, but this does actually make complete sense.

Thanks very much for this!