Handle Arrays in OPC UA streams to Tulip

We created an OPC UA stream from a Fanuc machine, using the Fanuc standard OPC UA Server to Tulip.

We can receive the stream but note that Arrays are not handled - no error is given, but no data is received, nor is it possible to navigate to the lower array nodes that are visible in a tool like UA Expert.

Please can you add array handling to OPC UA? At the moment, some quite important variables are being missed out.

Hey @Technicon -

I have created a feature request for this one. Let me connect with the engineering team to understand the implementation’s complexity. The use case makes a ton of sense. There is work scheduled for Q2 around machine data sources, so there is likely a logical place to sneak this in.


Thanks @Pete_Hartnett. We would love to get this one in as now it is very limiting what we get back to work with. If you require any more information, like screenshots of the data structure, please let us know.