Unable to Read All OPC UA Node Objects Using On-Prem Connector in Tulip

Hello Tulip Community,

I am experiencing an issue with the On-Prem Connector when trying to read OPC UA Node Objects from an OPC UA data source. Despite successfully connecting to the OPC UA server and being able to navigate the node structure using UA Expert, I am unable to read or display all elements from the OPC UA tree in Tulip.


  • OPC UA Server: Successfully accessible and browsable using UA Expert.
  • Connector: Tulip On-Prem Connector configured for OPC UA.
  • Problem: Not all OPC UA Node Objects are readable or displayed in Tulip. Only a subset of the node tree is visible or accessible.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Configure the On-Prem Connector in Tulip for an OPC UA data source.
  2. Attempt to browse and read OPC UA Node Objects within Tulip.
  3. Compare the accessible nodes in Tulip with those visible in UA Expert.

Expected Behavior: All OPC UA Node Objects that are accessible via UA Expert should be readable and displayable in Tulip.

Observed Behavior: Only some nodes are accessible in Tulip, while others are not visible or readable.


  1. Are there specific types of OPC UA Node Objects that are not supported or visualizable in Tulip?
  2. Is there a known limitation with the On-Prem Connector in handling certain OPC UA nodes?
  3. Are there any troubleshooting steps or additional configurations that can help resolve this issue?

Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for reaching out!

Yes, there are only a specific set of OPC UA data types which are supported, highlighted here in this Tulip Knowledge Base article.

For reference, here are all the OPC UA node data types as per the OPC Foundation website.

Is there a specific node type we do not support which you are hoping to ingest in Tulip?

Thank you,