On-Premise Connector Host (OPCH) Help

Hey Folks,

I have been tasked to connect an automation line, that is not slated to be connected directly to the internet, to Tulip.

This automation line uses the software, Ignition, for the OPC UA server/client detail.
-The goal is to get this data into Tulip.

I am in the process of trying to use an On-Premise Connector Host (OPCH), currently using Docker on Linux, to connect directly to the line and to pass the values via the internet to the Tulip client.
-I have followed the steps outlined in this guide overview-of-on-premise-connector-hosts and have created a OPCH and gained the credentials from Tulip.

However, I am uncertain how to configure the OPCH to connect to the internal Ignition OPC UA server.
-Does anyone have any resources they used to accomplish an objective similar to this or insights of this subject they could share? Has anyone gone through this type of challenge?

OPC UA details are quite new to me. Any advice, guidance or insights are greatly appreciated!


Hey @Dave.ESSInc ! Happy to help.

This is the process to subscribe to an OPC/UA server. Note that the connector host is just the client that’s going to be used to do the subscribing; all of the actual configuration of how Tulip uses the CH to subscribe to your server will be done in the web.

Are you able to see your Connector Host as an option when you get to the "Running on" field section of that doc? Where are you finding trouble?

This is super old, but you might be able to glean some things from it

Hey Kyle,

Thank you for following up. I think I have a bit of a better sense of my challenge.

I see now that I am indeed able to locate the CH within the ‘Running On’ field.
-I am finding trouble on the ‘Agent URL’ detail at this time.
(When testing, At the moment the CH is offline)

Two details to note:

  1. My docker container no longer stays connected. Although, this may be a result of it being set up several months ago without much monitoring since. (I suspect this would be a minor credential issue to resolved?)

  2. Primarily, I believe the core of my challenge here is that the OPCH is not on the same device as the OPC UA server. I am using the OPCH to get around a firewall in this instance.

My initial thinking was that I would potentially need to do a type of port forwarding on the device with the OPCH?
-In short, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how to get the OPCH linked to the OPC UA server on an external device.

This dialogue has been helpful so far, thank you!