OPC not connecting

I am trying to create a OPC-UA connector to connect KepserverEx.
But while adding the details and clicking on “Test”, it says Connection timed out.
For basic testing I am not using any security mode and have kept it at Anonymous login.
What could be the reason for this?

The cloud connector cannot reach into your local network. Would need to allow list Tulips ranges and probably port forward.

Hi, sorry I am new to this. Can you tell me what are the Tulips ranges? And which ports to be forwaded? By forwarding, I am assuming that it needs to be made allowed in firewall.
If so, I have already allowed the port in the screenshot.
Let me know if any other port numbers are to be allowed.

Hey @aakash.karkera -

Can you shoot an email to support@tulip.co? We can do some checking on our end to understand where this connection is failing. Like @mellerbeck called out, likely the issue is accessing you local opc-ua server from the cloud.


Of course I would get in contact with your IT support/Tulip support but a quick overview, you have private versus public addresses https://www.scaler.com/topics/computer-network/public-and-private-ip-address/
Your 10.X address is a private address. In order to talk to it you need to do something like this
Public IP vs. Private IP and Port Forwarding (Explained by Example) - YouTube
To keep it secure, only allow from Tulip ranges Networking Requirements for a Tulip Cloud Deployment