Kepware Network configuration

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Can any one describe me what to do exactly to be able to connect Kepware Server to Tulip (port forwarding, IP redirection, …). I mean stpes that concerns the Network and the firewall rules.
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For learning you could do something like this

But install kepware instead :slight_smile:

Thank you Mellerbeck for your answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another article that could be helpful: Recommendations for Machine Monitoring Architecture with Tulip


Others have pointed you to good resources. I recently set up a connection to Kepware. Here’s the basics:

  1. Configure your Kepware server to expose a URL for OPC clients to connect to. This is done in OPC UA Configuration, select Server Endpoints and make sure a URL that is reachable. Configure security like below because Tulip doesn’t support certs for OPC (yet?).
  2. Point Tulip Connector to that host and port (default is 49320).
  3. You’ll have to open that port up in any firewalls between your tulip connector and that host. If you are using cloud connector, you’ll have to open the firewall for the Tulip hosting subnets. THat’s probably covered in some other post.

Thank you Mopositive for your answer. Is there any tests to be do to identify a problem with this configuration?( to know what’s wrong : the port forwarding or the tulip hosting subnets?)
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Well, first thing you can do is make sure the Kepware setup is correct by pointing an OPC UA client at it from somewhere inside the firewalls. From there you have to work your way outward. I hope you have network/security engineers who can help you by watching traffic on the firewalls and tell you what they see going back and forth.