"Agent URL" - Where do I find this information?

Good morning Tulip community,

I am working on " How To Build Your First OPC UA Connector"

I am having trouble finding the information that I need to fill in “Agent URL” with, more specifically I’m having trouble understanding the instructions with this, can there be a more thorough walk-through given? Thank you.

Hey @ashchav20, if you’re using port-forwarding to go from your router to your OPC/UA server, the agent url should be the public IP address for that machine plus the port that your OPC/UA is running on (this defaults to 49320 in most cases). You can probably use Google to find out this info.

Like I said, this would require port-forwarding if the machine your OPC/UA server is running on is behind a router or firewall. If the machine is available on the internet however, that IP address will work just fine.

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Thank you @joshuarichard , so would I structure it as (“ip address”/49320)?