Need Further Assistance With "Agent URL"

Hello I still need assistance with how to structure the Agent URL, I tried to follow the format that was being shown in the article: How To Build Your First OPC UA Connector | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps but it’s not working. I used my public IP address and 49320 as suggested.

Thank you

Hey @ashchav20, you’d structure it as opc.tcp:// where is the IP address and 49320 is the port.

Hope that helps!

Thank you @joshuarichard ! Does Tulip need to be actively running to connect? Or just the PC to the internet? I keep getting a “connection timed out” with it.

hello @ashchav20, Tulip does not need to be running on a Player for the Connection to be created, but the PC does need to be connected to the internet. here’s an example (I do not have a Tulip Player running):

does the error message provide more information in the i icon?? if so, can you provide a screenshot??

Thanks @gio, the computer is connected to the internet and I verified my public IP address.

Hi @ashchav20, you probably need to setup a Port Forwarding rule (either on your router yourself or with help from your IT department) so that your public IP address, will map to the private IP address for your OPC/UA server on port 49320

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Thank you @joshuarichard I’ll look into that.

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