Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

Because of the Holiday tomorrow, Tulip will not be hosting any Office Hours sessions. I personally will be cooking with my sister, spending time with my 2 yr old nephew, and stuffing myself with stuffing :slight_smile:

One thing I was thinking about - sometimes, cooking a Thanksgiving feast can be challenging and stressful. How would you use Tulip to make the process easier and guarantee a perfectly cooked turkey?


I would love to use Tulip to definitively prove to my brother that my cookies are better than his! Maybe I could put a depth camera over the two plates of cookies and count how many times a hand enters a region over each plate.


Nice one Jen, so far I’ve only once cooked a whole Turkey by myself, and thankfully I had a long list of instructions from my grandparents on how to do it. Problem is that I would sometimes get confused at what stage I was at, so it would have been useful to have a work instructions style app to help guide me. Plus you could have it keep track of the time, so in the end you could look at your prep time, cook time, etc.