Headless Change Detector

Good morning,

i dont have time to write long dokus. But i will post short overviews of my testcases.
So here is the first one. The headless change detector. It provides Trigger-Events on variables.

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Thanks @nils.husemann … a picture tells a 1000 words. Also you can export and upload your widget if you are happy to share with others. Instructions are here

@nils.husemann I have gone back and forth on if the event should fire every time a key is pressed, or just when the user leaved the field for number and text inputs. (“input” vs “change” in the event listener). I could see a user wanting to auto advance after a user types in a whole order number, and if it fires every key they would need to run a regex in the event trigger.

Curious of your thoughts about this-

@nils.husemann I knew this feature in your hands would be like adding mentos to coca cola (or some other analogy that means nils + this feature = awesome things happen). So exciting to watch you build!

I’m also very interested in what @mellerbeck conjures up…

Thanks for sharing!