Hide button on Steps, click on print button

Can i hide button on Steps, click on print button in Master page ? I need to print steps page without Save button ?

do Anyone know solution ?

hello @nitingoel82, please see below for some answers to your questions:

do you mean hide Widgets that are on the Master Layout?? if so, yes you need to click the Lock button at the top right and the Widget can then be hidden on individual steps:

yes, you can add Buttons on the Master Layout that will then be added to all the Steps that you create.

you do not need to save prior to printing, at any point and on any Trigger you can add a Trigger to print the Steps you’d like:

let me know if this helps!!

i think he means to hide a button within a trigger before the trigger prints a step.
I also have a button (over a picture) to print the steps and like to hide the picture and the button from the trigger.
I know how to set the button collor, but i like to hide the button and picture too.
Regards Chris

thanks for providing this context @ChrisF.

@nitingoel82, have you considered duplicating the Step, removing the Button in that Step, and printing the newly created Step??

Hi Gio,
how to handle this from inside the player per code?
I haven’t found any example to remove a button via a trigger. Can you give me an example?


hello @ChrisF, the Trigger doesn’t actually remove the Button, but rather changes its Color to transparent. something like this is what I’ve used in the past:


and you then need to assign the Color Variable to the Button:

would something like this work for you?? you could change the Color of the Button in the same Trigger that you use to Print.

Hi Gio,
standalone this work, but please add the print functionality in your example (that was the question).
Here my trigger:

set the text-color of the Prev/Next Button to white
set the background-color of the print button (with a picture in the back) to white
print the step
reset the colors: print button to transparent (to see the picture) and the Prev/Next button to black

Here’s the printed result:

i can see that the print step functions will released too late: after the colors are reset.


Hi @ChrisF ,

Instead of trying of trying to hide the buttons using colors, have you thought about adding another step that doesn’t include the button and printing that? Here’s an example…

Step 1:

Step 2 (same as step 1, but without the button):

The trigger for the Print button is to just Go To Step 2

Then on Step 2 I have the following trigger:

This will print the step without the button, but then immediately route to the next step in your flow.

Here’s a recording of what it looks like in action: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

From the recording you can see that Step 2 came up in the Print Preview, but the app immediately moved on to the next step.

Would this work for you?


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