Printing Multiple Steps at Once

using the Print Steps action is very useful when one needs to print steps in an app (or save them as PDF). this action has a useful feature that eliminates the need to select multiple steps at once, by placing all the steps that need to be printed in a group.

instead of selecting individual steps to print:

one can simply place all the Steps in a group, and select that when printing the app:

hope this will save folks some time!!

Hello! gio

This function is very good.
How do you determine the order of the steps to be printed?
When printing to PDF, it does not print in the order I think.

hello @Akito, great to hear you found this useful!! you can change the order of the steps you’d like to print either by changing 1) the order of the actions or 2) the order of the Steps in the App.

can you attempt this and let me know if you’re experiencing the same issue??

Thank you @gio.
I managed to get it right, but I don’t understand what 1) the order of the actions means, so please let me know.

great to hear @Akito!!

Actions fire in Tulip depending on the order in which they are on the Trigger.

so in this example, the message First Action would appear first, followed by Second Action:

whereas in this Trigger, the message Second Action would appear first, followed by First Action:

does that make sense?? let me know!!

Thank you @gio!
I understood thanks to your explanation.

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