Print multiple steps

is it possible to print multiple steps at once in order to “print” a pdf with multiple pages?


hello @sloschitzki,

yes, it is possible to print multiple Steps at once by organizing your Steps in Step Groups, you can then select the entire group to be printed:

will this solution work for you??

Thanks Gio,
this is a big help.


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good to hear @sloschitzki, let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

what happen when printing steps ? Are the step-open-triggers fired before printing or are they ingnored?
Data not loaded, wrong page sequence, half pages

II think there is a lot of work left.

hello @ChrisF,

this is interesting, thanks for sharing. just to confirm, was the App not behaving this way before??

the Triggers fire in the the order in which they are organized on the right side of the screen. could you share a screenshot of where this Trigger is within your App??

furthermore, if you put the Trigger on a Button, does the report print in the expected order??

Hi Gio,
yes it works last week (i think), but now the PDF is defect and in wrong order. Independent if i print from within the app (last step) oder from my other app.
It is also independent from the used PDF printer.

Each step has the trigger “Daten laden” which loads data from a table into the checkboxes, at “on step enter”.
In the last step i placed an interactive table.

hello @ChrisF, thanks for providing this information.

I have created a ticket for our engineering team and they will be investigating what is causing this issue. we will keep you updated as it’s fixed here.

Hi Chris,

We have identified some improvements around making sure that the step ordering is correct, that improvement should go out with our next scheduled release.

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