Hide objects like single select

Is there a way to hide objects depending on variables?
I’m creating a checklist app where some of the checks have more single select objects than others.
I’m using a source table to feed the form, but some records have only one field. I would like to hide the unused input objects if there’s nothing in the corresponding record field.

hello @stijn.devriendt, very interesting question. thanks for posting!!

have you considered building an app with multiple Steps and then going to the specific Steps depending on the Fields that need to be filled in?? this depends on how many variants you have, but could be a solution.

alternatively, you could have color Variables that are assigned specific colors (red for example) if they do not need to be filled in by the users. do you think that solution could work??

I’m also curious to hear how others have tackled similar situations, thanks again for posting.

Hi @gio

Yes I’ve tried the variable for color, but this still leaves some borders for the single select input. For the text and number inputs this works fine. If there were to be a color function for the borders that would fix my problem. There’s the same issue with the boolean input.

Specific steps would kind of defeat the approach I’m heading for. Where the forms are uniform in layout and populated by a table record. The reasoning behind this is that checklist would be easy to modify and expanded upon.

I use the ID of the records for stepnames, which i can use as a way to load that particular record into the form. This way if I want a new form, I duplicate one and rename it to the ID of the new record.

thanks for the feedback @stijn.devriendt!! I just have a couple of follow up questions:

  • for the Single Select, are you referring to the thin border around the actual dropdown??
  • have you attempted to use the Toggle instead of the Checkbox version??

Hi @gio

Indeed I’m referring to those lines:


When trying to hide the toggle button, there’s still the white handle that is still visible:


I tried using geometry shapes to try to hide these objects, but putting them to transparent doesn’t seem to work either.

ah OK, I see @stijn.devriendt. yes, I was also going to suggest placing a rectangle over it but this will prevent the widgets from working even if it’s transparent.

the alternative would be to create a Table that stores all the Fields that need to be recorded and then route to the correct steps dynamically (with the different input types) depending on what needs to be recorded for that checklist. there’s an example of this in Equipment Logbook App from the Library, on the Select Log Fields to Enter Step, Log Button, you will see an example of how this can be achieved:

you can download the App and try it out, let us know if this helps!!

finally, I’d also like to suggest that if you’d like, I think it would be worthwhile to share a product suggestion here to disable and hide Input Widgets: Product suggestions - Tulip Community and someone from the Tulip Product team and provide some feedback.