@Hour of Day not available in expressions even though the hover help explicitly shows it

I’m sure this must have been discussed at some point but I could not find anything by searching.

When building an expression and you look at the tool tip for SUM(), like it’s other related functions, it explicitly shows an example using @Hour of Day, but this isn’t actually available, at least not for machine analytics.

This makes calculating things like projected production using duration and assumed number of machines reporting (another issue) very janky.

Here’s my current expression:
round(((24 * 3600) / (sum(texttonumber(@Duration )) / count(@Machine State = #Running ))) * 8 * 8)


  • 24 hours divided by the current duration of all machines that have reported.
  • Divided by the count of machine states showing Running
  • Assuming 8 pieces of equipment have reported (not always a good assumption, but I can’t count machines)
  • Assuming 8 piece orders (pretty good assumption).