Machine Monitoring OEE analytic

How does “Idle” function in the OEE calculation compared to “Stopped”?


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Hey Dwayne,

I’m thinking you’re asking about configuring expressions based on machine activity durations? Is that right?

When you have an expression defining the machine states to consider, you can filter based on any defined states. For example, the below expression will sum up all the time when the machine was in a ‘Stopped’ state:

Where the condition can updated to check for an ‘Running’ state:

So in that sense, whatever formula is being used to calculate OEE can be customized to filter particular states.

Is there a particular expression you’re looking at?

Not necessarily looking for an expression but more trying to learn how its added to the calculation (if at all).
My analytic displays Started vs. Stopped but I didn’t see anything for idle. I wasn’t sure if it’s figured into the calculation or not.
We only run a first shift so I was trying to figure out if stations (machines) that are idle (not being used to build with) aren’t being figured in since they aren’t necessarily stopped or started. Hopefully I’m making sense and not rambling… :thinking:


Ah ok I think I understand. There are a couple of ways to check to see how Idle Machine States are included:

  1. If you have an Idle Machine State being triggered at some point, make sure your analysis is accounting for that (not filtering out Idle Machine States)

  2. An analytic only looks at data over a specified period of time, so make sure there is some Idle machine data recorded over the specified time range.

Based on how the machine triggers update the machine state from Running/Stopped/Idle, you should be able to get to a timeframe where you have some activity in each state.

Are you able to share a screenshot of your analytic filters?

Sorry for the delayed response! I think I’ve managed to figure it out.
All time that isn’t uptime is just added to Duration for the calculation.

Although now I’m running into an issue with triggers. I have a trigger that should increment Part Count when “Started” transitions to “Stopped” but it just keeps storing 1 into Part Count and not incrementing it.

Does this need to be ran off of a machine variable or could there be a problem behind the scenes?