Building a "Productivity" analysis

Hi all,

I would like to build an analysis that calculate the productivity of my machine.
Productivity = Number of INPUT Products / (Time machine state = running + Idle)

I have 3 different status on my machine :

  • Stopped = machine is shut down and not in production
  • Idle = machine is capable to produce but don’t produce
  • Running = machine is producing

I tried to build this analysis but didn’t succeed.
Any tips on how to do that ?

Thanks !

Hi Paul!

Do you mind sharing a little more about what you have tried so far? If you can show what you have in the analysis and any errors / results you’re getting from it, that can help us find a good solution!

Are you using expression editor to calculate your productivity and storing that in a variable? If so, you should be able to use that variable in an analysis to visualize it!

Hi Beth,

Here are some picture of what I already tried to do in the analysis editor :

I tried to use an expression but didn’t store it in a variable. Is it possible to do that in the analysis editor ?