Analytics builder expression issue

Hello everyone,
I am trying to calculate some KPI indicators but i have encountered a little problem which is that the analytics builder didn’t accept my expression form which was, i think, a simple one (Sum(of integer))/a number or an integer). Any solutions or way to get around this issue?

Hi Fahd,

I know we spoke offline about this, but I wanted to add the reply here as well.

Since this analysis is working with the sum of one particular variable, it needs to match up with a similar operation. As it is, this is comparing multiple records to a single record.

Given that the production quantity is independent of app completions to always give the total value, and is stored, you can check the most recent value. In this case, that value would be the MAXIMUM() of this variable.

Overall, the expression would work well as (SUM(rebut-quantite)/ MAXIMUM(quantite_produite_PP30))