How can I create a trigger that responds/ or does not respond to a null value in a variable array

Variable array ‘Description of failure’ contains descriptions of failures that have occurred during a process. How can I create a trigger that will only respond if the array contains a value that is not NULL, or contains a value that is NULL?

hello @Neo, that’s a great question!!

you could use a Conditional simiar to this one in your Trigger (Array > Contains > Static Value > )


as you can see, this will be the resulting output:

could you confirm this is will help you in what you’d like to create?? thanks!!

In my version, I do not have the option to select array but I was able to select variable and then follow the logic. As a secondary question, if a similar array contains the following values 1,2,3,2,1, how can I locate and replace the value 3 while leaving the rest of the array intact?

hello @Neo, OK understood!!

in this case, I would suggest:

  1. convert the Array to a String using Join to String
  2. replace the 3 with what you’d like using the SUBSTITUTE() function
  3. convert back to an Array using Spit String

would this work for you?? let us to know!!

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