How many columns tulip table can support


I tried to add more columns in a tulip table, but error appears. please refer to the attached snapshot
just wonder how many columns tulip table can support

hello @mcc6025, the current limit for Table Fields (including deleted Fields) is 100.

do you have deleted Fields in that Table?? if you do, and you’d like for us to permanently delete them so you can continue adding more Fields, let me know and we can support that.

only two deleted fields. and currently, 93 columns exists. no idea why failed to create new columns.

Since limitation is 100, I deleted more columns. and would you please permanently delete them for me for below table?

hello @mcc6025, OK this has been requested, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s done. thanks!!

hello @mcc6025, the Archived Fields have been removed and you will now be able to add new ones.

can you please confirm you are now able to add new Fields??

let us know if you have further questions!!

Hey Gio,

Yes, I can add new column now.

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great to hear @mcc6025, let us know if you have any other questions!!

Hi there :wave:, Do you have any timeline to increase the number of fields? In most case I’m splitting records (using linked records for example) and it’s ok. However, when we are creating dashboard it can be very useful to have records (>>100 fields) loaded and displayed continuously. The advantage is that the information displayed are always up to date (no need for triggers on timers to refresh). It’s also convenient for analytics to get all info in one table.

I think some type of solution to make linked records and tables more useful should be investigated. As you said @pte right now you are limited in how you can interact with data if it is spread across multiple tables. It would be useful to be able to create temporary tables for analysis, as you can in SQL I believe. This may also address some use-cases for looping or nested triggers.

hello @Ethan, @mcc6025 and @pte, great news - we’ll be increasing our Table Field limit to 200 in the next release!!

keep an eye out in Announcements - Tulip Community for when @jacobdupuis announces r210!!