How to fetch the value of a specific object field in an array of objects by name

Say I have the following need… Step = Program step in Tulip:

Right now there is only a mapping function available which would allow me to get a list of all values or a list of all config field names…

But what I need is a function the allows me to read the value of a specific record in the array…

In JSON this is how my object would look like…

  "Result of Connector query": [
    { "Config Field": "setting_1", "Value": "100" },
    { "Config Field": "setting_2", "Value": "Y" },
    { "Config Field": "setting_3", "Value": "TRUE" }

Addition: I should mention that the underlying goal is also to fetch the config parameters only once and not for each use-case individually again and again… the later could accomplished by sending individual connector queries to the table API.