How to increment index value by using trigger function

Problem statement: Im using a connector with “get” method. So the output is in array of objects.
Now in the app editor i had designed two screeens and a next button. First screen of the app should display the 0th index data and the second screen in the app should display the 1st index data. Now how should i write the trigger for next button to display the 1st index data in the screen.( I need the solution to increment the index value dynamically)

Hi @preetham,

please dont open multiple threads on the same topic. I Will close this thread. So please stick to the original one.

Original: How to declare array of objects in tulip connector function when there are many indexes in it - General - Tulip Community

There you have a screenshot of how to setup the button trigger.
If that is not enough please try to precisely tell where you stuck.

This is a pretty basic question (how to change a variables value by a button trigger). Maybe you should have a look in the knowledge base or tulip university on the basic use of tulip.