How to session userid and session time?

Hi Team,
I am trying to build one application for logbook record. When i click one submit button, i could get variables which user input into the application, but may i know how to get below session basic information for app, then i could save them to DB via connector?

I want to get all info, then could leverage connector to insert the log into DB.


First snip is of using app info in a table trigger action- Operator name and Current date and time.


Second showing a user name in a connector function.

As long as your connector function has these inputs that you show in your snip they should show up when you add a connector trigger action in your app. The app info has the option to use the operators name or badge id. Same with the datetime - its labeled as current date and time.

Hopefully that helps out some. :slight_smile:

Thank you Dewy for your guide, it works now!

May I have one more question?

Actually, I have two pages in my application,

Ok, What question are you trying to ask?

Hi Dewy,

My questions is why the session start time I got from app_info in home_page cannot be transferred or be used in the second page?

Meanwhile the other variables from home_page could be used by second page? Is there setting control?


Not sure why? Did the app info save to that variable in the first step?

I don’t know how your app is used or how its intended to run so I’m not sure how much more I can help. You should be able to use any info gathered in the app on any step. Unless the trigger didn’t work, the app was completed and the variable is set to clear, etc., etc.

Maybe you could share how your app is intended to work and the triggers you’re trying to use? It can help narrow down where your problem is.

Hi Dewy,

Are you talking about below ‘Clear on completion’ setting?

I was trying to get the session start time from home page and get the session end time in the 2nd page. Then submit and insert the two time into DB when 2nd page complete. Anyway, let me check my trigger again in case you mentioned it’s not working… Thanks.