How to set value for linked record column into Table Record

I have Tools table. Every tool have ToolTypeId (which is in code list table (eg. ToolTypes) with different tool types). I created ToolTypeId colimn in Tools table which is linked record to ID from ToolTypes table with many to one link type.

When I create new record in Tools table I also want to fill ToolTypeId column. I have ID from ToolTypes stored in variable.

Apart from every other column I can not set value of ToolTypeId in table record of Tools table. I know how to save record in table. Iā€™m only stuck at saving linked record column with variable from ToolTypes table.

Please if someone can help me with this situation.

hello @ermingut, great question!!

are you familiar with the Table Records > Link Record Trigger Action?? this will allow you to create a Link between the Tools and ToolType Tables:

let me know if I understood the question correctly!!

I will give your proposed solution a try and let you know.


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