How to trigger the "start" a Stopwatch


I’m trying to use the StopWatch function in Tulip, but I don’t get how to trigger the “Start” of the Stopwatch.
Indeed, the stopwatch is starting when I start the application, but I would rather start it when I’m pressing a (start) button.
What function should I use to do so?

Thank you.

Hi @JorisB,

Good question, thanks for posting! Here’s my guess as to what’s going on:

The way this widget is configured, the stopwatch will run whenever the boolean variable Stop Flag is set to No or False. No is actually the default value for this variable—at least how it’s configured in the Unit Test App—so whenever you open an app with the stopwatch widget in it, it will run.

The way to fix this is to set the default value for Stop Flag to Yes.

Let me know if this works!