I am Fetching data from SQL using Connector, Is it possible to insert that fetched data into Tulip Table?

Hi @Ajay,

as far as I know, it is not possible to post several rows at once to a Tulip table.
In order to do so, you would need to build some kind of a loop through the Connector output. However I would highly recomment to question the usecase.
Maybe there is a better way. Maybe it is reasonable to fill the table per record by user action…

Or is it some kind of a one time setup? Then you should go with importing a .csv into the table.

Btw.: If the Name of the column is the same as the output, you dont need to give them aliases…


This would be totaly fine.
The indetation makes it more readable.
The comma at the beginning of the Line allows to more easily comment some lines out then a comma at the end of the lines.
(However it is a question of “style” / personal preference)


Thanks for the response. I truly understand now & thank you for the solution.