Image input widget can handle Base64String as a data source

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is there any update to the feature request?
Would be great to get the base64String also from an image widget.

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Hi, the issue is the cross domain policy (CORS) doesn’t allow access to extract an image to a canvas element to convert to Base64. I haven’t been able to find a workaround to this. You can’t even create your own camera widget because it resides in an iframe and the security is locked down and getUserMedia is not accessible.

The best fix would be the Camera Input “input change” event exposed the data as Base64 or there was an option to store as Base64 in a table column or variable.

Without this functionality we’ve run out of options to store images from tablet or phone devices to our own storage solution.

Accessing the URL to get the image is just not reliable as the token runs out. Not sure if anyone has a solution to this?

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We are just putting the finishing touches on allowing users to configure how connector inputs are encoded when they are sent to other systems, and I think it will address the underlying need.

This will allow you to pass Image URLs, the image as Base64, or as part of a multipart form data payload. We decided to build this into connectors as opposed to the image input widget to simplify the experience for your users to transact with the integrations you have built.

Base64 Encoding is ready for primetime, if you want to get this enabled shoot me an email at pete.hartnett(at) and I will get it enabled. General availability will be coming early next year.



Following up here as this product suggestion has been implemented in r271! :tada:

Thank you everyone for the suggestion and head over to the release announcement for more details on this and other features in r271 - Release 271 - January 2024

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