Image table fields not available from table query


I have a table that has image fields, I want to error proof the entry of that image field from an application. Typically I would create a Query in the table, count the values returned and use that to error proof. I went to set that up for this situation, ideally the query would check that the image field is not blank, but it appears that image fields are not available to be queried, the image fields do not show up in the query drop down?

@zretzlof would you be comfortable sharing a screenshot of the logic you have set up? I’m having trouble understanding if by queries you mean a table query or a condition check in the trigger.

Hey John, I am referencing a table query here. In the table query drop down I can’t select image fields from the table.


Screenshot 2023-03-24 141240

Hi @zretzlof , did you find any solution for this or any other way to this? I am also facing the same issue.