Images across Instances

We have global apps that are used across instances and images can be produced in any of the instances. We have been asking for a methodology to either store and use images from our own databases or to be able to share images across all of our instances, but thus far we have no solutions. Does anyone else have a methodology that works or is anyone else struggling with this?


hello @Kirklana, thanks for posting!!

one way of achieving this could be to create a Table in Postgres SQL with a column of type text for the image URL. once you have that, you can store the URL of the images and read them from an app, here’s a quick demo.

table structure:

Connector Function (INSERT):

Connector Function (SELECT):

running the app (INSERT):

running the app (SELECT):

would this work as a solution for you?? as a note, the URL’s do expire but you could at that point store the image to a Table in the instance into which it’s imported:

Thanks Gio, it was a great first idea and we have moved on to a methodology with AWS cloudfront to be able to manage it more holistically for our organization. We appreciate the work you put into it.

thanks for the update @Kirklana!!

great to hear you found a methodology that works, let us know if there’s anything else that comes up.