Inactive User definition

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I’m wondering what is the exact definition of Inactive User. I put below the quote from the knowledge base. But I’m wondering if it’s just about touching a screen/ moving a mouse or if it means that no trigger have been activated during a certain amount of time.

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after a certain time interval since the last time they interacted with the screen
Configuring Your Tulip Account Settings | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps

Ok, I’ve done my test. For a user to be active he has to :
• On laptop: click anywhere in the step (moving the mouse is not enough)
• On touch screen: touch the screen
Hence no need for a trigger to be set.

And there is a warning 1 min before log out

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hello @pte, thanks for the question (and answering it!!).

I would also like to share that the time before the Player displays this message can be modified at: https://{{instance}}

thanks again for sharing!!