Initial Community Impression

Hey Team,

I wanted to provide some feedback from my first impressions for the community.

  • My first reaction when signing up was making sure I was in the right place!
  • The color scheme is quite different from I’m used to seeing with Tulip (inverted I think).
  • The initial email came from AgileMFG and (No mention of Tulip)
  • Is there a pinned post as an introduction to the Tulip Community?
  • The FAQ appears to be around the system itself and not specific to Tulip. (Which is ok, I just wanted to point it out!)

Thanks for putting this community together!

Hi Brad, these are great suggestions! Responses in order:

1 (also 2): Great point. I changed up the color scheme a bit. Does this make more sense for you?
3: That’s a good catch on the branding, I changed it to “Tulip Community”, but I do not think I will be able to change the email domain because we are hosting the forum through Discourse.
4: The “Welcome” message can be found at the top of the “Latest” column on the home screen of the Community. Might have been a bit subtle, so here is the link: Welcome to Agile MFG
5: Can you send the link to the FAQ you are referring to? I will see if I can change it, because that is a good point.

  1. Looks great! (That’s the sleek Tulip setup I love)
  2. That’s what I was looking for.
  3. Top right. Hamburger Icon. Bottom Right.

Thanks Kevin!

Also Kevin, the favicon is White (In the browser Tab).


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Good catch, updated just now!