Inserting a Line feed or a new line into a variable?

Hi there,
is it possible to insert a line feed into a variable or to add text in a new line?

Regards Chris

Hey Chris,

In app editor, under “inputs,” there is an option for “Multiline” text.

It looks like the screenshot below when in use.

Does this help or are you looking for something else?

Hi Chris.

I had a similar problem where I had to split a string by the line feed character. I’m assuming you want to do something along the lines of Data Manipulation > Store > Expression > Variable.a + line feed + Variable.b.

In the above expression, replace line feed with an apostrophe, shift-enter, then a closing apostrophe, like so:

Variable.a + '
' + Variable.b

You’ll need to manually type in your own shift-enter, as copying from here won’t work.

For this to properly display, you’ll need to use a text variable widget rather than a text input widget. Hope this helps!

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Hi @Beth
sorry for the delayed answer , was on a vacation trip.

How to store the line feed to the multiline widget with a trigger?

I need this for my in-app-chat project.

Regards Chris

Hey Chris,

Did you see @Preston’s post above? I think what he suggested might be exactly what you’re looking for! As he mentioned, you have to save your line feed to a text widget variable, and not text input widget (or multiline input widget), but I think that should be fine.

Let us know if this doesn’t satisfy what you need and we can brainstorm more!

Our project have also used it to extend data when updating instead of replacing.
On an extended note to this topic.
Have you noticed that if the variable is pushed into a table record the line feed is not shown in the Interactive table widget. So we used / + line feed to make sure the segregation of data is understood. If the table record field is shown in a step the line feed is displayed correctly.
Do you guys see the same?