Instead of only returning integers from Table Aggrigations, allow selection of either Numerical or Integers?

Is there any way we can add in the capability to select what our Aggrigations are returning when we run them? As of now it is only returning Integers when it would be easier, in my use case, to have it return a number as a result.

@Cory Thanks for the suggestion, can you explain a little more about your use case?

Hey Pete,
I believe it was you that I had spoken with during the Open Office yesterday. Basically, I am trying to track average headcount, time in job, and efficiency using the Table Aggregations to count and track the headcount. It was suggested to sum up a separate column and that should return a number value. I had tried using this, but it still returned an Integer value. So as an example, we would have 5 employees for an hour, then 4 employees for an hour; so, the average headcount would be 4.5 throughout the “life” of the job. So, with the aggregations only returning Integers we wouldn’t be able to capture the correct efficiency. I hope that explains what I am trying to accomplish.

Hi @Cory,

I wonder, what you are actually doing, since I get propper floating point numbers:


You can actually choose the decimal places.

I can try what you had done there it just hadn’t been explained or shown to me. Let me try to plug this in and I will respond later.

Hey @thorsten.langner,
This does work thank you. I was unaware that you could manipulate the decimal places. I appreciate your help.

However this “manipulation” only influences the way this number is displayed. The actual value keeps all the decimal places as long as you dont use any trigger to round or cut these decimal places.