Intelligent query sharing

I have to admit I am struggling a lot to find a good approach to name and structure my queries.

This is particularly a problem when an app become more complex where one needs to involve a number of different tables which require multiple different queries to cover different needs.

I wonder how other customers are approaching this?

Once you have many queries defined it becomes almost impossible to figure out which query is used for what - because even with a name - it still remains somewhat opaque.

What would make more sense to me in a WYSIWYG platform would be an editor which automatically analyses the fields and sorting rules of a newly created app query and based on that would make a proposal of whether a matching query like the one just specified already exists for the target table or not.

The user should then be able to either stick with the already existing query or have the option to create a new one, if needed for whatever reason.

If the user knows already which query to take by name, great. Then he should be able to select it just like that.

I share this opinion also for connectors and functions. How to ensure that a Builder knows all the “resources” already available in the platform? How to easily inform about the content of a resource?

Agree, the visual query navigator and auto compare/suggest is a good fit and elegant approach.

@youri.regnaud Connector management improvements are a hot topic with new features coming soon. The general direction is applying same or similar visibility and usage tools for queries, connectors, functions, custom widgets, etc all under a “resources” bundle like you describe.

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