Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Hi Tulip Team!

We have a need for calculating some angles using inverse trigonometric functions and using those angles in a larger formula. Essentially the user would enter two sides of a triangle, and I need arctan, arcsin, arccos, to be able to calculate our angles. Basic trigonometry. It’s very possible that going forward in the future we’ll need other somewhat advanced math functions. Is there a way I can use a connector function to access more advanced math?


hello @Ethan, very interesting question!!

it is indeed possible to achieve this, as you mentioned, by using a Connector Function. here’s how the SQL cos() can be used in a Function:

once you save the Connector Function, the output can be used in your Apps as a Variable once the Connector Function runs.

do you still have the Connector Demo setup on your instance?? if so, you can use that no problem

Thanks Gio, yep I still had the Connector Demo setup and used that, got it working as expected. I am still new to using connectors so I had one other question; I notice that when typing the query, the list of keywords that will autocomplete doesn’t include all valid keywords. For example I had to use the degrees, atan, and cast keywords to create my function but those weren’t in the autocomplete list. Is there a list somewhere of all of the keywords that work in Tulip’s SQL queries?

hello @Ethan, awesome to hear!!

the autocomplete function only lists the common functions in Oracle SQL, MySQL, PostgresSQL as you point out. while there isn’t a complete list of these functions, I will point out that I have yet to come across a function that isn’t supported.

let us know if you have further questions!!