[Invitation to Join the ManufactureHERs] Happy International Women's Day!

:star2: Happy International Women’s Day to all the incredible women in the Tulip Community! :star2:

You all are amazing, not only working to change the world of manufacturing with Tulip, but by also providing role models for future generations of girls who want to work in manufacturing.

I’d like to take a moment to recognize some of the women in the Tulip Community who are doing amazing work with Tulip - @nicolettenaya, @AudreyVDC, @hwagner, @lucy.fahler, @Fiora, and @carlin just to name a few!

Today, as we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Women’s Group in the Tulip Community - ManufactureHERs!

In a field where women are traditionally underrepresented, it’s essential to recognize the unique perspectives, talents, and experiences that women bring to the table. ManufactureHERs aims to provide a supportive and empowering space for women in manufacturing to connect, share ideas, and grow both personally and professionally.

We encourage all women and non-binary individuals in the Tulip Community to join this group! This group will:

  • Have a private Community group and category for connection, support, and discussion
  • Regular virtual meet-ups where we cover topics covering the spectrum from work/life balance, women in leadership, advocating for yourself, to sharing your work and successes in manufacturing and with Tulip, and more!

How to join ManufactureHERs? Great question!

  1. On the Community home page, navigate to the menu bar at the top right corner, and select “Groups”

  2. From there, you can select “request” to join the ManufactureHERs group! That’s it :slight_smile:

Let’s celebrate each other’s successes, support one another through challenges, and inspire future generations of women in manufacturing!


Thank you, Beth! That’s so sweet of you. Happy to be part of a great community :slight_smile:

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Just joined the ManufactureHERs group! Thank you for making Tulip community such an inclusive environment @Beth

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