Is there a way to have an interactive table widget wait for all query data to be there before it is displaying something?

Hi, we have a little issue here with the way the interactive table widgets are currently working and I was wondering if there is a proper way to get the expected behavior.

Right now, when a step is opened with a table widget on it, the table widget seems to immediately display the last cached result.

If it is linked to a table that would be the plain table without any filters applied. If it is a query it would be the query with the last known inputs.

Should any input of the table widget depended query or one of its filter arguments change shortly after the step is loaded, the widget will first show the old result and they switch to the update data once the background update is finished.

It would be nice to prevent this from happening, i.e. I would like to display the loading spinner as long as the step has not reached its stable state - that is all background updates are finished and there is not further pending update to any of the underlying data.

One way to get close seems to prepend a “loading step” to the actual step which is showing the table widget… but that quickly makes the app become bulky.

Are there any other options?