Using an Interactive Table to Show Records based on Time

I am creating an app that has a schedule in it but I only want to items that are suppose to be started to display and as time goes on display more of the schedule. I have the schedule in a table and I am using an interactive table widget. I can’t figure out how to get the rows to show only the ones that are greater than the current time.

If you look at the filter to the left is shows that the value for checking time is null

Anyone have any thoughts?

Hey @richardg,
you can use either a button or a timer trigger on that step (e.g. every 30 seconds) to store the current time into a variable and use that for filtering for timestamps.

In the image it looks like you are using an interval. So are you trying to filter on a duration? In that case, can you explain more what you mean by “current time”? My first understanding is that this would be the current time on the clock - hence my answer above. But that does not seem correct.

Hope this helps.

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Good Morning @stefan ,
You are correct in your second assumption. If you look closely at the Current Time column in the interactive table it starts at zero. This is a simulation that we be done at old times so I needed to use an absolute like interval instead of time. So I am trying to see if the current interval on the screen is greater than the Current Time column in the table.

I hope this makes sense. I know that I am using all of this in a way that is not really intended for.